Serving The Entire Metro Detroit Area

With more than 40 years of experience as a lawyer, handling insurance and real estate matters, attorney Howard E. Gurwin understands how the industry and real estate industries work. As a result, he can help individuals throughout Southfield and the entire Detroit metro area when it comes time to protect their rights.

If your insurance company has asked for an examination under oath, contact our office immediately, as your rights may be at risk. You need experienced counsel. Call us at 866-236-4881.

Decades Of Experience Winning Insurance Claims And Real Estate Cases

To best protect your rights, we put a unique focus on work during the investigative stage of a case. Because attorney Gurwin has spent decades working these cases, he makes it possible for us to look for the right information at the right time.

We complement that approach with another prong of attack: We prepare our cases for trial from the very beginning. At every point, we work to maximize the likelihood of your success.

As a result, we give the insurance companies no opening to settle the case on the cheap. Instead, we build the documentation necessary to litigate no matter what phase of the case we are at.