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Property Damage Claims

Detailed Attention at the Investigative Level

For more than 40 years as a lawyer, Howard E. Gurwin has protected the rights of clients facing off against insurance companies in property claims and investigations. If you find yourself being treated unfairly during your property damage claim process and investigation, turn to us here at the law firm of Howard E. Gurwin, P.C. We put our experience to work for you to pursue fair treatment and the compensation the insurance company owes you. Has your insurance company asked for an examination under oath? Then contact our office immediately, as your rights may be at risk. You need experienced counsel.

Leveling the Playing Field for Our Clients

The insurance adjusters and insurance company attorneys are there to protect the bottom line of the insurance company. You can put us on your side to make sure you have someone in your corner who is there only to protect your interests.

Howard E GurwinAttorney Gurwin advises clients throughout the areas of Farmington Hills and Detroit, Michigan, in a wide variety of property damage claims and investigative matters. Those situations often involve, for instance:

We have been down these roads many, many times. As a result, we understand the strategies used by the insurance companies. We also understand how to handle those strategies while also putting forth strategies designed to benefit you in your specific situation.

Special Alert Re Tax Considerations in Divorce Cases Relating to the New Tax Act

Currently spousal support (alimony) is tax deductible in most instances to the party paying it and not taxable to the party receiving it. Recently, under the new tax act, the law changes with regard to the deductibility of spousal support or alimony in divorces completed after 2018. This will be an important consideration in determining whether one should file for divorce or whether to complete said divorce in 2018.

Cyber Security Insurance Claims for Individuals and Businesses

Currently there has been an explosion of cyber security insurance claims. The amount of fraud perpetrated utilizing devices interfacing with the internet has become rampant. Cyber security scams have become unbelievably sophisticated and have caused massive damages to businesses, as well as individuals. Insurance companies have issued over time crime coverage policies which include coverage for cyber security. The insurance companies are now fighting these claims vigorously. Our office is working to make sure our clients receive the full amount due from their insurance carriers as a result of these losses. Insurance companies, in an effort to limit their losses, have sought to deny coverage under their crime policies or instead classify cyber security crimes under various endorsements which carry much lower limits than their crime policies. This area of the law is continuing to develop and one in which we are highly involved.

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If your insurance carrier is refusing to provide you with the benefits that you are entitled to, call Howard E. Gurwin, P.C., at 248-352-2727 or contact us online to find the solutions you need to move forward with your life.

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